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  • Aerospace & Defense Testing
  • Industrial & Consumer Electronics Testing
  • Automotive Testing
  • Medical Device Testing

ICT Fixtures

Masterpiece is the best choice for rugged and highly accurate ICT fixtures on Keysight(HP/Agilent), SPEA, Checksum, Digitaltest and Teradyne ICTs. We supply manual and in-line ICT fixtures plus our innovative semi-automated Z-BOT based ICT fixtures.

Functional Test Fixtures

Choose from our wide range of functional test products, from a simple "bed of nails" test fixture to the fully integrated and automated systems. We have reliable, precise, durable, easily maintained fixtures and systems at very competitive prices. While we will work with you at any stage, the best time to get in touch with us is while your product is in the 3D model stage. At this stage will ensure you receive the expected outcome.

3070 Test Application Programs

At Masterpiece, we are THE masters of 3070 ICT software. Choose us when you need a complete turnkey solution or any piece of the project. Rely on our deep Test Engineering expertise for your most challenging needs. Masterpiece Engineering can unleash the power of the 3070 platform combining ICT with functional testing to provide you a "one-stop" test solution.

Test Automation

Masterpiece has deep experience in the PCB handler systems deployed on the various test system over the years. Including recently the i3070 Inline, i1000 and SPEA 3030. Masterpiece Engineering was the first to deploy the i3070 In line ICT in the Americas. We are happy to partner with you in any test automation endeavor.

LabView Test Application Programs and Systems

At Masterpiece and we provide quality LabView functional test applications. Combine our mini systems fixture with applications program for a low-cost, practical bench test solution.

Test Fixture Repair, ECs, Refurbish and Spare Parts

Let the professionals do it. Saving time and money and get the expected results. Ensure your production test fixtures are kept running at the top performance level with Masterpiece services.

Unit level Run In/Burn In Racks

Masterpiece offers custom mobile racks for your special test situations using aluminum extrusion such as 80-20. We do the complete turnkey job, all fabrication, and wiring, for customized mobile test and run in racks.

Welcome to Masterpiece Engineering

We are experts in test fixture fabrication and test application software and test system deployment. Our professional staff of Programmers, Engineers, Technicians, and Designers work side by side to deliver you total solutions or any part of your test needs. Choose Masterpiece for:

  • ICT fixtures on any platform
  • Keysight (HP/Agilent) 3070 Programming
  • Turnkey fixtures with programs on Keysight 3070 (HP/Agilent) systems
  • "bed of nails"/functional test fixtures
  • LabView Applications
  • Complete functional test systems
  • Test Automation Solutions
  • ICT and Functional test fixture parts, repair and refurbishment

From a simple bed of nails test fixtures to the most complex turnkey test and automation solutions, we are ready to help you. Masterpiece Engineering has offices with well-trained staff in the U.S. and Mexico plus a strategic a partnership in Asia for full global support of your test needs. Our customer service and deep test engineering expertise are unsurpassed. Experience our interactive 3D design reviews and know you are getting what you want.

Drop us a note here at Masterpiece, or give us a call. We are glad to talk to you.

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