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Masterpiece is a Test Engineering company. Danny Bryson established the company in 1995, combing software and hardware talent in one organization to answer the growing need to provide fully engineered and complete test solutions.

The tough minded culture of innovative engineering talent and test expertise combined with a relentless work ethic is fundamental to the Masterpiece mission. With our highly evolved skill set we can produce complex test solutions delivered when you need them.

Masterpiece is about Customer Service. This goes far beyond just taking your order. Our friendly staff can do that very well for sure but we are very much there for you after the product ships. We understand these are complex tools we deliver to you for your use.

Our experts support you 24x7 for the life of the product. Your problems are our problems. We are known for being there for you through critical times.

Your challenges are our challenges. At Masterpiece we strive to be of one mindset to meet your challenges. Let our team interact with you and our expert staff. You get the comprehensive solution from entire company's mindset not just a single person. You will go beyond the standard with us and lead rather than follow.

Meet The Team

Danny Bryson


Electrical Engineer with 37 years of experience in the Electronic Testing √°rea.

Alberto Cortes

Vice President/Sales Manager

Electrical Engineer with 18 years of experience in Electronics.

Gabby Gonzalez

Excecutive Administrator

Bussiness administrator with 20 years of experience in business, 5 with Mastepiece Engineering

Lisa Page

Customer Service Rep

6 years of experience in Customer Service Department


Michael Brose

Customer Service Tech

25 years in Customer Service Department

Jorge Rodriguez

Senior Test Engineer

Electrical Engineer with 20 years of experience in Agilent 3070 Platform and Functional. With background in Labview and Visual Basic application development.

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